Adam Lund

Product design examples from Adam Lund

SPARK Design System

Design System in Angular 4

GovDelivery Learning Platform

UX Design, Wordpress / SaaS Platform

GovDelivery Communications Cloud Advanced Package

UX Design, Conceptual Flows

Public Web Site

Mobile Apps for Realtors and Lenders

Product Design, iOS and Android Apps

Emerson Process Management: Research studies, Personas, and Design

UX Research, Stakeholder Mapping, Personas

"Shamrock" UI Design System

Design system

Home Scouting Mobile Apps (iOS, Android)

Product Design, iOS and Android Apps

Space 150:

Information Architecture, UX Design

GovDelivery Subscriber Overlay

Product Design, SaaS Platform

Home Scouting Real Estate Search Platform

Product Design, SaaS Platform

St Jude Medical: Digital and UX Design Examples

UX Design, Digital Design

GovDelivery Communications Cloud Redesigns

Product Design, SaaS Platform

Communications Cloud, Visual Email Builder

Product Design, Usability Testing

US Bank: 2-Factor Authentication

Information Architecture